Add to Cart Button for E-commerce

Hello Kodular Family,

The categories and entries that make up the commerce application containing a limited amount of products are ready, but I could not click the add to cart button. When the customer clicks on “Add to Cart”, there will be no payment system that should write -1+, which can be increased in stock to go to the cart.

I found sample images on the internet and I’m sharing them for clarity. Could you please tell me where to start? I would be very happy about this.

This picture is just an example


You can create a list named “list of cart” and when the user clicks add to product to cart you can add the product to the cart

Can you give me information on how to do this?


This is the Problem with the Community. People Are Habituated to spoon Feeding they never try to Do something on their own. Not to be rude you learn when you do it yourself. Certainly you will fail but that will make you more perfect

I’ve been working with the application for months. I’m trying to fix the problem I’m having with help here. I’m not asking you to give me all the blocks, I’m asking where I should start. I want to learn how to fish, not how to eat fish. I’ve been watching a lot of documents and videos for this, unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

Wow and you don’t know how to create a list variable and add items?

I know I added elements. You answer my question with a question instead of helping. I’m asking what can be done if the items accumulate on the cart page and -1+ items when the customer clicks the “add to cart” button…

In this Case create a List of List
For example the

     {Name1,code1, quantity1, price1}
     {Name2,code2, quantity2, price2}

hello, thank you for your answer. Should I add this template or To the list list bubble on the list blog?

Something like this.