Add value to Firebase list

Hi friends

I try add value to Firebase List with add.value block,

If i add text ok but if add cloudinary url the new erase previous one Why?


If you are using the same tag it will erase old data and store new one. One way is to use differents tags and another way is to save a list and every time append new value to that list


sorry then what do you need add.value than store.value


if for example I archive a text string in the same tag using add.value it does not delete the previous value but adds it and only when I add url that deletes them

Please post your blocks

Also have a look at

I use add.value and with text ok

i read guide and use for create list empty in firebase

the problem is only with archive url

Sorry blocks not in english so I can not translate. Are you using this block ?


yes that block

yes append block

See here

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The problem is when add second url erase the first!

You want to overwrite the existing url or have to add…

i want add but i can’t

but if i try to add text it’s ok it’s only with url not function

excuse me with your help it’s ok thanks

If you show your existing firebase structure and the expecting firebase structure then we could show the blocks for you

Upon clicking the button, if the url have any value , it will replace the existing value with the new url entered in the text box


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