Adding more mobiles to test apps

Hi everyone, I wonder how I could add more mobiles to test my app.

I didn’t understand can say a bit elaborately :slight_smile: @MatchPoint

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H Praty Programme S Labs,
Thank you very much for your time,
I am testing my application and I can see there are 6 types of mobiles:
LG Nexus 5x
Google Pixel
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
HTC Nexus 9
and Microsoft Surface
However I am using a Samsung A11, although the app works, some graphics are smaller than I expected.Thank you.

Perhaps you can make use of the Companion? Also, make sure your app is using Responsive sizing and % values for component sizing. :smile:


Yeah Right @Kanishka_Developer

And try in the kodular companion (


Thank you very much indeed for your help

Thank you Kanisha for your reply,
I am using responsivesizing, I made my app in App Inventor and I imported it to Kodular, I think that is why there are some little changes.

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