Adding new components

(Mr Nicolas) #1

Hello community. Is it possible to ad geotmetric objects for example square, circle and etc. Because of design issues it is need for adding some view. Thank you

(Nathan) #2

Before asking, you should see if it’s possible in Java.

(Pavitra Golchha) #3

It iz pozzible with Canvazzzz

(Mr Nicolas) #4

Because of I dont know java

(Nathan) #5

Then search Google, that’s why we have it.

(Mr Nicolas) #6

According to your logic, there are everything in the google. Here is a forum and forums are for discussing and learning. I think that nobody should search the internet before typing some words in the forum. I have learned a lot of things by asking in this forum. It is very easy and harvestfull way of learning. Thank you…

(Nathan) #7

… first of all, we including some moderators and admin here would like if you searched Google to not create a bunch of topics for something that may not work. I understand your Math teacher may tell you not to always use a calculator in life but most of the time youpl need one anyway. So yes, use Google before posting a topic. Thank you

(Mr Nicolas) #8

İ dont understand what are you talking about… this is your second agressive answer to my question. Do you feel yourself responsible to answer my questions?

(Nathan) #9

You did ask a question. So actually everyone here is responsible for an answer. Sooo yes I do. This has been answered by @pavi2410.