Admanager Banner ad is not showing in the app

Hi koders i need little help.
i added 2 ads in my app
1.intertitial ad,
2.banner ad.
1st one is working fine.
but the Banner ad is not showing in the app .
Extra information.
when i was testing my app no ads were showing there it was showing an error again and again but when i exported apk the intertitial ad was showing fine but banner was not.

I added banner ad Blocks like this :point_down::point_down:
whenScreen1.initialize,load_banner ad
Any clue…??

Banner ad impression is very low now​:+1:

But there should be a one Day limit(1Day=1 or 2 impressions) . its happening from 2 days no banner ads are showing.

It’s happening for last 1 month for me and we can’t do anything for this .

But @teamkodular can do something so why they are not …?

It has become a joke now. Read about this topic in the forum, you will get the answer.

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Ya really. They are creat humare about our issues …:zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

congratulations now intertitial ads are also low .

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Also kodular don’t pay. I request a withdraw around 30days ago in my bank account. but still I don’t received any payment. but kodular show the payment is delivered.

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Tht means we have to stop using kodular. because they scamming peoples.

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All recommend not using the kodular admanager. And I going to move from admanager

We also faced this issue and we reported and we got our money in our bank. The issue is from kodular bank side may b your earning will arrive soon​:+1:

I never say that kodular is scammers, beacouse i joined admanager with kodular from the biggining till last month i got all my payment​:+1:

Only negative is kodular not responding us regarding the latest issue faced by admanager​:neutral_face:

May be @Diego can help you regarding your payout issue​:pray:

Yea I also did not say they will scammer. But nowadays @KodularCreator is slowing down all activity. As they said, they launched a premium membership to speed up their work and also solve the bugs faster. But after the premium membership system, We did not get any bug solution and also any proper news from kodular. And also they don’t respond to any questions and also emails.

So what now do we need to do?

dont know my friend …
admanager users facing huge loss now but they keep silence…