AdManager Dashboard stuck

Today Kodular-AdManager Dashboard went struck at 6:00am to 9:00am (UTC) & didnot count the impression.Anyone else noticed the Same? Or noticed low impression today as campare to Daily impressions?


Me too, i don’t know what is happening. Revenue decreased 60%


Yesterday my Kodular Dashboard went stuck at same time and affect my earnings

Kodular Dashboard Stuck again :thinking:

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OMG :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Dashboard is really strucked again.

Dear @Kodular! Could you please have time to fix it properly?

This is Happening EveryDay Now!


Dashboard is still struck. Showing No earning & displaying few impressions.

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I guess we should post this in the premium Kreator camp’s Premium section. They could answer there.

Issue has been resolved, not updated here.

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Ok thanks for letting know.

Seems issue still presist. In morning i should have atleast 2k impression but it was just 14 and now i checked its just showing 4 imoressions.

Murtaza do you have same issue?

It got fixed for me, I am able to see impressions from yesterday.

But my is still stuck please help