Admob account not approved

I have add admob adds while creating my app. Then admob sent me a message that your not eligible for admob. Why is that? Can I place admob ads after publish the kodular app on playstore

If you publish your app to playstore there is no need for approval. But if you share your app with different methods then you have to appeal for monetization from here

What type of app are yours post screenshot here

Actually it is under construction still. Yesterday I created a admob account from an email which I have a approved AdSense account. Then I generated some ad Ids and placed them in my app. But it is still under construction. Then I received this msg. I can’t even sign to admob account now.

Hi , I didn’t finish my app yet . But I placed admob ads while developing it. Is it the reason for this ? What time that we have to place admob ads?

You can place test ids to test if your blocks works correctly and when you finish with your app place your ids and either upload to play store or ask for approval

Can I place ads after publish the app in playstore? Or do I have to place adds just before generate the apk file…? If I am going to place ads before publishing playstore I have to place it as an app which is not published in playstore ? Then after I publish it in playstore can I change that selection?

I don’t fully understand your question. You place your admob ids before generate the apk.

I am going to publish my app in play store. When I going to get ad ids from the as mob the ask whether the app is on playstore or not? For that question what I have to choose as I am planning to publish it in playstore.

I have closed and unlisted your other topics where you ask the same questions. Don’t double post. You are new here but double posting will get you suspended from the community.

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