Admob Ad serving limited somehow

I have few apps on Google play, one has 70.000+ downloads and few with around 1000.
Anyway, the second day I opened Admob account, 2 months ago, I got Ad serving limited Account being assessed.
2-3 weeks after that, it updated to Invalid traffic.
I have 100k+ ad requests daily with ad serving limited I got only about 1k ad showings and earn very low 0.20-0.80eur daily.

Only 1 banner and very rare interstitial ad. my only traffic is from google play. I dont do any risky job and I dont want trouble, but still google says I have invalid traffic.

Can someone help me with this, or anyone had similar problem.
Banner ad is on bottom, it doesnt cover any buttons.

Thank you all, anyway I am new here, this is my first post.
best regards

Contact Google or Admob to see why they are saying you have invalid traffic. No one here can give you the exact reason as we don’t work for Google / Admob. We can only guess at best. Personally I would say you have been clicking your own ads hence the invalid traffic.

Hey, thanks for your response.
I dont know where I can contact them.

No I never clicked or even seen my ads. I use only test ads for testing and I dont even open my apps.

So that si zero chance for that.

Use Google

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Maybe other people are clicking the ads - either because you’ve asked them to or because they just want to because they want to cause mischief or because they genuinely don’t know they’re causing a problem. Again, contact Admob. As Peter said, use Google to find their contact info.

Sure, I posted same question on google Admob forum, but it seems this forum is way more active bcos I got no answers on Google Admob forum.

To deanart2012,
I think its very hard to do such job because I have 100.000-130.000 ad requests daily. and only 800-1.500 are showing ads, thats means the chance for showing ad for someone is 1%, even if they click once I dont think ad will show to them again.

Thank you for your help

Did you fix the problem? I faced the same situation and I have done nothing wrong. Whats your status now in google admob?

Hello people, the same happened to me, I wrote to Google but there was no response, the account is fixed by itself after about 45 days.

Did you face the same thing later again mate? how long have you been using without this problem?