Admob ads are not shown

Please don’t get angry I have already crawled the community,

I am currently not able to display ads on my QR code scanner app what I found after certain test of my apps is that apps made with kodular are not showing ads but apps made by thunkable show ads

I love kodular because of its unique features and thus hope someone will help me

Have you tried to find your answer?

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Watch This

He Say About That

And what about this?

see post after peter’s post i say there are some of biggest youtubers say that

i have to believe you only after i saw the announcement from Google, not youtubers

ok i understood

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Everyone here I got the solution
Google just launched the new format of their ad unit id

CHANGE THE / in your ad unit id with ~

New format of ad unit id is ca-app-pub-################~##########
only changing “/” with “~” solves the problem
I solved this with my on research I found this on Google Ads Developer Blog: mobile_ads_sdk


hello all, am sorry to say but i am not satisfied with that reply bcoz google change the app id not ad unit id. please read carefully Google Ads Developer Blog: mobile_ads_sdk. i hope you will understand my point and support me.

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i was going to say the same.

i guess you mis understood bro
its app id
but appreciate your information

actually, when I replaced "/ with “~” and rebuild app, it showed me the ad for once but now again the problem is there. sorry for my misinformation hope someone help me :pensive:

Just give us aia we will check it and tell you and account i will only suggest a thing that is your adsence account is not serving ads cancel your account and then create a new one best solution i have

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i can provide you my aia file but it’s not m account problem as my all old apps are showing apps only new apps cant show ads

AIA of my app:- qrcode (1).aia (225.3 KB) (I have removed my ad unit id from this aia)

Please help admob ads not showing when using with kodular while if i use other platforms then ads comes . i need kodular only help .