Admob ads component

We need this addition quickly there is no benefit of design and programming

without it and no one can deny that
admob ads component

Hi @egy_voice,

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We have 3 AdMob components coming in our next release - AdMob Banner, AdMob Interstitial and AdMob Rewarded Video.

Uh… i deny that. I will never ask money for my apps or never want to earn money from them. All the apps i make will be free without ads or anything.

You may choose to do it your way but i may choose to do it my way.


That is one of the biggest false in app development. App can be free, apps can be paid, apps can have ads or in app purchases. It does not matter, the only thing that matters is the app by itself. It’s functionality, it’s design, it’s features. I am adding ads, yes. But if for example, my AdMob account will get banned, then I will make apps without ads. Ads are just a way to earn money from your app. I completely disagree with you.


So why do we pay $ 25 for Google Play and 100$ for iPhone App
Sometimes we buy add - ons, items and also codes
Is all this work free?

If you want the truth. Put Google ads here
Watch how many subscribers you have and who come from Thunkable, Inventor and AppyBuilder because everyone is looking for it. I am a member of goldAbyBuilder and pay $ 8 per month for it so everyone will come to you if you put it because you have Push Notifications component powered by OneSignal and everyone is looking for ads with Push

You are doing it again. You don’t know if everyone is looking for it. That’s what you think. I for one don’t look for it. I don’t mind paying for something someone else has made. But i myself will never charge anything for something i make.

It all depends on personal preference that whether to monetize his own apps or not.

We have Admob components ready and soon be releasing it.

Let’s end this discussion.

Thank you.