Admob ads displaying,impressions also shown.But no clicks & revenue are showing in my admob account in kodular apps

I am facing a rare problem. All was good at the start. In first time after i gate ads in my app,when i go to watch revenue , It’s all fine. admob account show 0.36$ in “today so far” button. But after some moment I go again to watch my admob earning and i see that the earning decreases to 0.9$. When i refresh again, I see that revenue decreases to 0.00$ .
From that time , i have many impressions , impressions are showing in admob account properly but clicks & revenue are showing to 00.
I attach a Screenshot so you guys can understand its better. Please help me.
NOTE: I search many in google and kodular community. But i came to know this is a rare problem and some peoples are saying to use other ad platforms as a solution. But thats not a solution. Please give a genuine solve of this problem.

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may be due too invalid clicks

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that is normal. and 100% invalid click . check every day final earnings.

you are in wrong Community, you have to ask that in somewhere related to Admob,

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But at first time I logged in my admob account. There have 0.35$ .
After some time it’s come to 0.00$ .
And why impression earning also not showing? Do you have any idea? Please help.

I do, but no response from Google.
So I am coming to discuss here. Because kodular community users are much helpful and help to solve problems.

if it goes to minus then you are getting invalid clicks and revenue going back, if this behavior stays they will ban your account, try to not click on your own ads or some one is clicking invalid on your ads.

But where is the impression revenue. I have more then 200 impression now

Its too much low

No problem! You’ve to learn how it works!

Someone clicks on your Ad » Google pays you the money » They found that they have given you the money for a click that was not valid » They deduct the money. That’s how you get $0.00 at the end.

How much impressions I need to make 0.1$ ?
They saying 0.00$ for 200 impression & CPC for impression also 0.00$

In countries like India normal e-CPM ranges approx. 0.02-0.1. Now, google e-CPM…you will get all of your answer

Ok, 2 days gone. I have 1500+ impressions but the revenue is same. 0.00$ .
I do not think that this is normal. Something really wrong.

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No, nothing is wrong! Technically, you earn nothing from impressions… Google will pay only for valid clicks.

My app is not showing ads but it’s showing impression on my admob dashboard. What can I do?