Admob Ads Limit 60 Days

help post,
I have been using Admob for the last 60 days but now got an ad limit on my account. I was shocked because I haven’t done anything and there was on illegal/self click on my application.I shall be thankful to you if you remove the ad limit placed on my account.Thank You

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change ur category to discuss

Kodular has nothing to do with that you should check it with Google…


Self clicking and invalid activity are not ONLY reason that Admob applies ad limitation for. It depends upon many factors such as geographical location, traffic quality, time, average CTR… etc.

Need an explanation how all these factors are related to ad serving limitation? Well, you may google it or drop me a line on DM. Explaining here would take a long space and time! :sweat_smile:

no self click app, Only gk app

Is this the case for only 1 app or all?


This is the main reason I don’t use Admob in my app which has less users. Invalid activity always cause trouble if you have less number of users. :slight_smile:


no daily 1000+ download my app

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it also happened with me.

just remove your ad unit id(which is placed in your app) from your admob account .
and wait for 1-2 weeks. after disappering ad limit you can create new ad unit id and use in your app again.

Hahahaha admob users always face this problem my 4 account have ads limited :joy: still non have removed even I removed ads unit also. Admob is not for new app if you have a 20k + active user then use admob otherwise I remember you to use Facebook ads it’s Best.


We know that

But there are very few websites where we can post our problem and get a genuine reply.

Even Google deletes these types of discussions on their community tab.


Have your problem solved

if so


I too have got Ad Limit and its been 30 days

I really don’t know what to do next.

And its my 2nd time

After getting my 2nd Ad-Limit in a row now I am getting your point.

But Facebook Fill Rate is very low Like 50-60% max to max and also eCPM is half than AdMob.

I have made many apps with ads. Some of those had relative good amount of downloads and never had a single problem with Google Admob. But seeing people having these issues all the time makes me think, may be it’s what your app is about, or what you are doing in your app that gets you in trouble with Google. Please do an honest assessment of what your app is doing and correct that. You all know when you are playing by the rules and when you are trying to get as close to the rules limit as you can, just to make a couple of cents more.


Even I’m also surprised seeing this issue that I have never been faced yet! A few months ago I tried to get some consultation from a Google ads specialist, and these are what I can summarize from the conversation:

  1. Showing ads in a wired place.
  2. Too many ad requests with in same time.
  3. Too many request failure.
  4. Too high click rate than average.
  5. Too low click rate than average.
    Final but not the least, surprisingly, 6) How users are reacting to ads (Though I am not able to differentiate this from point number 4 & 5! Any guess?).

There were a few more points I guess that I can’t remember at this moment.