Admob ads limit

I want to know why admob put ads limit when I use app made with kodular and its admob component, is it old sdk or any other reason?

Search before asking any questions

This may help you
Ad serving limits - Google AdMob Help.

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Admob is not for new app

If you have 20-30k active user then you can use other wise use Facebook ads but SDK is not updated I think kodular will update the SDK in February 2021

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From where did you get the information…

Facebook sdk change in every 2-3 months now kodular team is working to fix problem happened by 6.2 when SDK 6.3 release then kodular again say soon will fix :joy:

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Maybe not!

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I have the same problem

6.2 SDK is released ???

Or this is log

If this is log then kodular will release soon but thank you now I can see the team is really working hard

GOD Knows!

I am using Enhance till now.

I am patiently waiting for SDK Update