Admob Ads not getting displayed (even test ads)



And your screenshot does not show a real ad?!

(Digital Akhil) #84

this is sirius problem new update

(Mudit Agrawal) #85

I tried 1 hour ago. Just try once again. Wait for ads to appear. They are not displaying immediately like earlier.

(Muhammad Ghazanfar) #86

try and let me know. I tried this but still problem is there.:unamused:

(Yasir Shakoor) #87

Add ads in app then publish it on play store then wait 2-3 hours.

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #88

6 hours ago app is published on playstore but still ads not showing


Then you should check your app with a log util like logcat

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #90

@Mika Please check this that ad is showing or not


Thats your job and I have no time

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #92

@Mika i check it and ad is not showing i also try this method that shown in pic but i did not get any error message

(Carambel) #93

I’ve asked the support guys from Admob and they responded with this:

Hi there,

I tried to test your Ad Unit IDs using our test apps and I was able to load ads on my end. In order to investigate further, could you provide the PlayStore link of your published app? Please use the ’ Reply privately to author ’ upon responding.

This contradicts that there are no ads.!msg/google-admob-ads-sdk/aChz6rVGomE/qED1x2JdGwAJ

(Mudit Agrawal) #94

My exported apk had ads but those are not getting displayed when published and installed from google play store.

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #95

Same problem bro from apk its showing some ads but from playstore its not showing any ad @freelancer_mudit

(Nosrej Chaokad) #96

I can see your ads

(Anurupa Saha) #97

I am sure that it is a major bug.
You can easily check it by making an app with same ad unit I’d from thunkable or makeroid. Then see what happens…
Inform me…

(Alzeto Pascal) #98

Hello, I exported my file aia to a competitor, and advertising works at home … the bug really comes from your update

(Amit Saha) #99

I also try in thunkable and appybuilder.
It works fine with same ad unit id which didn’t display on kodular.

(Digital Akhil) #100

You wrong app chek . This old version it working .
But new update app ads not show

(Alzeto Pascal) #101

I downloaded my project aia that I put at appybuilder and I have the ads with the apk it’s at kodular that it does not work anymore

(Nosrej Chaokad) #102

post your updated apk so i can verify if ads load