Admob Ads not getting displayed (even test ads)



They have nothing changed!
There are only no ads for your app available… You should read to learn messages…

(Yasir Shakoor) #63

but when i do like this the ads are getting show

when i click on tweeter button the interstitial ad loads
so tell me what to do?


Maybe you should not load the ads on screen initialze?!

(Yasir Shakoor) #65

yes, you are right sir!
but sir i don’t want to disturb my users by placing intertitial ads on buttons i want to add only banner please tell me is any way to show banner without clicking any button?


Use the clock component to load interstitial ads after screen initialize.

(Yasir Shakoor) #67

showing ads using clock is this against admob?


I wrote LOAD not show. And for interstitial and rewared ads it’s fine to use the clock component to LOAD ads.

(Eduappspanama) #69

Thanks for your help and answer, and i have a question about this, if i put a timer for every 10 minutes LOAD an interstitial, and use the block: when ad is loaded then SHOW, is not against the admob policies?


I would not load the ad with a clock.
A ad should be shown after a user did some things like example:
User A have closed a other page or anything like that, then show a add.

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #71

My 3 apps is available on playstore and i using admob ads in 2 apps, i update my one app today before updating the ads showing but after update the ads is not showing what the prroblem?
@Mika check out my app

(Eduappspanama) #72

thanks again.

(Digital Akhil) #73

same problem
today my educational app after update play store ads is not showing my app. but old app is good work.

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #74

Same Bro
Hope Kodular Fix this ASAP
Just Wait

(Amit Saha) #75

Same with me, The devolopers of kodular will fix soon. They notice this bug. My 13 apps on playstore have with this issue after update.


There is no ad problem as you can see with your app!

And if any any is not displayed, then:

  1. There are no ads available from admob side
  2. A user did not ad the ads id…


And at all others:
If you don’t see ads then:

  1. There are current no ads available from admob side
  2. You did something wrong

(Mudit Agrawal) #78

Just checked again. Ads are now showing. We just have to wait for some time for the ads to appear. I didn’t change anything in my previous codes. They were certainly not appearing earlier but now they are. Try exporting your apps again.

(Digital Akhil) #79

but old app admob ad showing why?


Is it a joke?
As you can see in the screenshot your app shows ads!

(Digital Akhil) #82

no bro i update 4 time after update not work ads my current update .
i am alredy 24hours waiting