When Create Apk.. Ads Not Load From Today



Dear Sir,
When i change Ad-unit id & save apk but Do Not Show Ads Form 04-02-19 Today…Old Apk Worke Poperly & sam Apps just change Ad id but don’t show ad


(Vaibhav The Developer) #4

I do not change anything but my ads not showing.
plz help me i am so sad but in my old apk ads are load and show properly.


Sir, i know My Apps Are Blocklist, Please Unblocke My file.

(BallestaSoft) #6

Hi. Since today, with version 1.3.B.0, admob does not work in any of my applications when creating new apks … Yesterday they worked. Do not ask for consent …

(Amit Saha) #7

Same with me
My app in playstore have more than 50000 download and work perfectly but when i updated my app on 3 February 2019, it doesn’t show any ads. Old version work perfectly…

(Philipp Lang) #8

I think a lot of apps will be blocked bc of the new KI. If your app is a earning app with to less useage or a app wich loads after each second click a ad or a app which dont respect the policy to load/place ads will not get the permission to load ads with admob. I think this was a good idea to implement this feature bc we have too much earning apps in the playstore like i wrote above. This app costs publisher of the ads a lot of money without any use for them.
I love the new system.
If your app is on the blacklist and this was a mistake , the team told they will put your app manually on the whitelist.

(Yusuf Kılıç) #9

I moved my app here from thunkable which is 30k download.When i test my map admob test id ads are loading very slow like more than 30 sec.So my app is on blacklist ?