My admob ads are not showing, here are the details

Hello Kodular community.

My question is the following. My admobs ads are not showing.

  1. First of all I am approved by kodular.

  1. Second, my app is uploaded to the playstore, so it is approved and online receiving downloads
  2. Here I leave the signs that my ads are activated.

What could be the problem?

Maybe your admob has ads limit check it in admob policy center option.

my account looks good, admob has no problems, it is a new account in fact

what do you mean it has ads limits?

Check policy center option in admob

In new accounts admob served ads very slowly sometimes it’s my experience

No problem found:

Show your blocks and have you put your ads id perfectly or not

First show your ads blocks
There is insufficient information of your topic

Use Ad failed to load block to find out the problem. Then come back with the error message you get.

I attached all the photos of the blocks and other images above, at the beginning of my post.

Sorry, since I’m new … how would I do that friend?

thanks in advance!

but here they are again:

Captura de Pantalla 2020-07-25 a la(s) 12.41.01 Captura de Pantalla 2020-07-25 a la(s) 12.40.54

and this:

Captura de Pantalla 2020-07-25 a la(s) 12.40.47

and this:

Captura de Pantalla 2020-07-25 a la(s) 12.39.45

which type of app is it?

The truth is that it is not relevant, what is relevant is that my app is in the google play store, and the ads are not shown.

Excuse me again, but how can I detect an error?

If your app doesn’t have enough content or app based on web views then admob will not show enough ads

Where does the error come from you believe?

google play?

What could be the problem…

A developer told me that it is not the platform, because there are people that even in android studio this happens to them.

it is not a web view based, and its a tool. Any tool app doesnt have much “content”.

  1. Make sure your app is approved for serving ads.
  2. Check if you’ve set ad codes and blocks properly.
  3. Then add the below blocks and check what it returns.

In most of the cases, the error occurs with ad inventory. If it’s so, you’ve to drive some genuine traffic on your app in order to show admob ads.