Admob showing test mode

(Ra Ha T Sa Go R) #1

I’ve disabled test mode for my admob interstitial ad but still it shows ad in test mode. I found 6 test mode ads out of 10 impressions.
What can I do now ?

(Philipp Lang) #2

Delete AdMob and dont make ads in your app. Dont make a earning app make a useful app. Nobody will use a app what is full of banners and videos. If i want the app and there are to many ads i will put this app in a other app which delete all Ads in your app. So i have a APP without any ADS

(Nikhil27B YT) #3

But its a her problem if he want use ads so why you say don’t use ads

(Philipp Lang) #4

Nobody want earning apps, and second it is not allowed too to do this. Think of that, do you use a app where you have a lot of ads and maybe videos too. If i have a nice app where are maybe one or two banner in the complete app, i will use them noemal, but if there are 10 banners or maybe a video each time when i change the screen in the app, i delete all ads with a ADS deleter app. You get an APK back without any ADS.

(Nikhil27B YT) #5

Ok I understand I have a my app with 1 banner and 1 video ad

(Philipp Lang) #6

Thats your app your members. I like a banner more as a video but as i told its yours. Thats not much but why not change the video to a banner. If your read the latest posts you will see that admob change their api or so and now all users have problem witn that. The team wrote that nobody should make a post about that, because they are looking to solve the issue. Hope this helps

(Ra Ha T Sa Go R) #7

How did you know I’m working on a earning app ? Not everyone is here to make earning apps. If you can’t help with solution then please shut your mouth up .

(Philipp Lang) #8

ohh sorry i didnt know that this didnt help you. I wrote that a lot of people have now troubles with admob, some of them wrote that admob had changed their api. some other people wrote that it is workung for them also and the team wrote that they are looking into it. Today all people got nervous because ad mob makes problems. If all your blocks are right than it should work if admob has no problem. If all blocks are right and admob has no troubles/chahed their api , than it should work… Show me/us your blocks about how you do load your banner and videos. Without any blocks i/we cannot help you. But this are that what we all write 1000 times. We have to see some blocks or it is simple enought to description than that. But without anything, we cannot know what is wrong/ if it is something wrong. I hope this is now a answer what syou want to hear.
Once again if this is too less info for you , than you have to post your blocks or a decription about how your load the banners or videos from admob.

(Kleyber Derick) #9

Guys, let’s be more respectful… everybody here is giving their free time to help.

(Philipp Lang) #10

as i told this is why nobody gaves him help. I gave him the answer but this answer he dont wanted because of that he wrote that. Childish

(Ra Ha T Sa Go R) #11

There’s nothing to share the blocks. It’s simple as f. I asked that why admob ad is showing test ads when I disabled it. It was a simple bug. I don’t ask you for making a earning app or something like that. How the h you know I was making a app with 10 banners & full off videos ? Did I told you that ? Did I mention that on my question ? Then why are you spamming here ? Everybody post here just to find out the solution, not for listing sh*ts from you. It something like I asked for how to get relief from headache & your saying that you have 10 head, nobody likes that I would use a sword to cut those off & suggesting me to cut it off by myself. Does this even make sense ?
Nobody helped me cz they don’t knew the solutions. They are not the Kodular developer that they can fix internal issues. They didn’t reply cz they don’t have any ans. You’re the only butthurt person. You know onething brother ? “Empty Vessels Make The Most Sound”.

And if I behaving like a child, yes I do :slight_smile:


(Nikhil27B YT) #12

Why your timer interval is 3000 only increase your timer to 25000 to 40000

(Kleyber Derick) #13

@rahatsagor, I understand your point and the intention here in this forum is to help everybody if we have knowledgement for it, as you already said. But I request you: DO NOT use bad words here. You are free to express your feelings, but we have to maintain this forum the most respectful, even when we don’t agree with other’s position.
So, take care of your words.

I recommend to everybody here to read this: FAQ - Kodular Community


If you want real ads then why is “Ad Enabled” not checked ?

(Ra Ha T Sa Go R) #15

@Kleyber_Derick I’m extremly sorry for losing my control on words.

(Philipp Lang) #16

ii dont say any more, you know it better. Than do it better.

(Ra Ha T Sa Go R) #17

@Mika It’s unchecked cz I don’t want them to load instantly when the page open.I enable them with a clock sensor component.

(Philipp Lang) #18

dont load ads with the clock.

(kuldeept thakur) #19

Dear all,

Good news, admob has fixed it bugs about ad showing. please update your sdk 17.1.2 or in this link Firebase … i already doing this and now my ad showing and working good.

after update on 29 november the ads is not showing. plzz update throgh latest update of 6 dec and fix it now plzzzzz