After kodular update today admob working

Thankyou kodular staf new update admob are working so I update my app play store .


Still ads not showing after updating in Playstore. Please help me anybody

Is your account suspended from getting to many ads which were invisible?
Did you really build your APK, or decompile your previous one, recompile it and accidentally post that one?
Did you add ads to your app?
Do you have the correct Ad ID?
Did a warning show saying “Someone cut the power”, if so it’s probably Diego experimenting.
Did your Keystore change?
Did your update make it to the Play Store?
Does it say “UPDATE” on the Play Store?
Did you already download the APK after it was built so you didn’t have to update it from the Play Store?
Did you change your Package Name?
Are you the real person who updated your app?

You’re welcome.


Well then its your problem.
Because our component works.

Maybe your ads are not enabled by Google…
And by the way this topic is complete wrong for your problem @Mohd_Younis!!


Sir i updated app today on Playstore after kodular announced update 1.3B.1. But still ads not showing. My admob is 100% working and there is no restriction from admob side.

@Mohd_Younis, Why you don’t want to understand? Or maybe we can teach how to go posts with the mouse. (Sorry, I needed to say that because you don’t read our posts.)

Don’t worry I did for you:

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i would say, if it worksnow for 100 of people and for you not, than is your admob account blocked, google dot allow ads in your app or you app is restricted. You should look, why you dont see any ads and not make a post, if it works now for all people. use Logcat like the Team it told and and think of yourself. What should the team do, SHould they take your aia and make a bit magic and sim sala bim AAAAAADS, or what?

And this post is not a angry post i dont ,mean it bad to youm you should think and do your work.

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add this :slight_smile:

And what type of app did you make?

Ads are showing now but little bit late.
Still thanks to Kodular Specially Diego sir who understood that creators are facing ad problem. Other people in Kodular like a developer & some ProKoders were not accepting earlier & saying our fault.
Now problem solved. Thanks…


I don’t think anyone would decompile and then recompile

Load the app before you need it, maybe if the screen initialze, and show the ad after the user clicked a bit in the app and the if the ad is loaded, i hope your app have a usecase which holds the people which uses your app, a bit longer as 10 sec in your app. You can show the people a spash screen when the app starts to raise some time to load your ads. Make a user login, this takes a few sec to login, so you have enough time to load your ads before you show them