Admob Ads Runtime Error

I’m using admob ads in my app…But now update my app after show error…Because kodular new update in default set unity ads.

The error tells you that you have not set unit id.
Which ad are you using?
I mean banner,interstitial or rewarded.

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This error to unity ads…And I’m using admob ads…So how can set this block… Because kodular new update in default set unity ads.

The error is due to Admob banner or interstitial ads.
Try removing them.

any solution?

I have the same problem. Please tell me the solution.

this is not good for live app, with users.

Have you updated the companion?

Can you please send me an APK file?
I tested AdMob components before release, and they were working properly

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Startapp Ads are also showing white screen.But after removing ads app is working fine.
Also Startapp Ads extension is working nice without any problem.

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I had this problem and it was solved when I updated the companion.


But that is happening on device.
On companion it works fine.

I have tested again, and Admob Interstitial is working properly…

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Make sure you have requested your app to be approved…
I have tested this once again and it’s working properly with approved apps

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If you’re only using the Admob network I think Unity Ads have nothing to do with the problem.

Do you have to submit your app for review only if you use Admob or any kind of ad network?

hmmm still having an error from my users, if it needs to remove the admob ads, too many blocks connected so too many blocks to adjust because im using rewarded video ads. but before removing the ads, hope some of us can figure it out effective solution

Does Start App Ads also need approval?
Or are you talking about app approval?
I am using it in non-approved app.Perhaps this is what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, all ad networks need it


I am deleted the admob component and added it again but it is not working.

may app live in the play store, Please tell me the solution…

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