Admob ads error "ad size and ad unit must place"

Sir im getting error in app
Runtime error the ad size and ad unit must call before load ad is called
Like this please tell how to solve this problem i publish my app in playstore

This is because your didn’t pasted ad units in your app. Please paste ad units. Then export it…

I have already cross check my app i have placed ads correctly sometimes it shows ads but sometimes error displaying i have made more apps before and successfully working in play store
But this time im facing this problems i uploaded two apps yesterday both having same problems

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Hmm. So still no one has the solution

I have the same problem but this error comes in live testing and send crash report? in exportet apk that crashed often directly when ads are loading

im also facing same issue

I’m also having this problem, by the way in a single apk that I updated after the new version kodular

so fault is with kodular is there any solution for this

yes you all can use enhance extension.By the way I am not getting this Error.

Thank you. But I read enhance take commission too. is that right? I would like do it myself with kodular and grant it here. But it must work :smiley:

As per Devs, there is a bug with the current admob component which will be resolved in the next release. Please be patient for a while.

Happy Koding

Nice to hear that :slight_smile: before that, I think it can be my own mistake :smiley: thank you :v:

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When will the error be fixed?

check this out.

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Now ads are showing thanks for update