Admob Ads Not Showing

i create a new appy in this app i place 5banner & 5interstitial ads.
when i test app only first banner ads and first interstitial ads show one time after that not show any ads even first also after first impression.

You shouldn’t do that. That is called an earning app and is not allowed by Kodular and Google. If you want to loose your developer account this is the best way of doing it.

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sorry for short info but i have diiffrent screen for diffrents ads and its not earning app

How many screens you use?

If using multiple screens try to put/ merge all of them in single screen.

Single ad is enough to earn. Remember no users like ads that obstruct their interaction with the app content. So, Use Less Ads(1 is enough) and give them content which attracts more towards your app.

but ads not showing after first impression in single ads also

Share your specific blocks

I hope you are not clicking your own ads?

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Absolutely No.

It’s showing after high traffic and your 1st admob payment after it’s work perfectly

Admob Ads are not showing in old and new kodular apps. But ads are showing in other app Inventor plateform. Need A quick solution.

It’s working 100% after you export the app

Quick Solution Require