Admob ads not showing

Admob ads not showing on my app admob/adsense is working fine but ads not showing on app

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I think this is a bug with Makeroid right now… @Kodular can you check that?

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Please help for ads not showing

Do you understand this is a bug with Makeroid… You don’t need money in a snap right now. Be patient.

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@hammerhai i think he is early earning app creator :sweat_smile:



There is no point in earning from it. I just wanted to know why the advertisements are not Showing. You will not understand. You have to make fun of others, it seems that you have never helped anyone.


I wasn’t making fun of you, I was understanding that you seem to be in a rush to have ads when there is no point in them. Everyone has reported this and Makeroid is working on it. However, if people continue to report this, stuff may not be done about it.

When you develop an app and create an ad using Google Admob, some ads in some cases takes 48 hours to activate. So, the ad may not instantly show up. Be Patient and check after 2 days. Hopefully you ads will show up then.

I don’t think this is a bug. Its the AD Policy of Google Admob.

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,okkkkkk brother

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I didn’t understand why are these ads are not working, on my app are working so fine, built with Andromeda.

The same admob ad unit working fine on other platform thunkable,appybuilder

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Hmm i also notice that

I used the admob component since the first day of the release maybe there are some problems with your blocks

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This can not be the case. I built an app using thunkable. Uploaded it to play store. Admob worked fine. Later I reconstructed entire app using Makeroid. Uploaded Keystore from old app. Updated the app in the playstore. Then admob stopped working.

After setting height of a horizontal arrangement holding Admob to 20% ads are available even after custom app id.

WaLya Express helped to solve this by providing quick support. He suggested to display ad after loading ad. It’s working.

Thank You.

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The minimum height set to 13% and the ads are being displayed.
If height set to less than 13% ads are not being displayed.
I hope this will help.
Thank you.

All of my published apps have suddenly stopped showing admob ads. Kindly look into the matter Makeroid.

KODULAR, Makeroid is the old NAME

This is an old topic created before name changing. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: Next time please don’t post old topics.

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