Admob ads not showing!

(Rifthy Moulana) #21

God bless you to success in your app

(Wanster Nutine) #22

Same to you bro :blush:

(Rifthy Moulana) #23

After add intrestial ads my app is not opening

(Wanster Nutine) #24

But why sorry for that but I didn’t try intrestial ads in my app and I will not even going to try it becuase my app is educational app and I don’t want to disturb my users by adding full screen add in it, I am happy with banner add that is now working fine .

(Vidya Singh) #25

how to permanent visible admob banner ad?

(David Ningthoujam) #26

Hello, i have also tried visible after loaded but its not working… can u make visible before load also?

(4 YOU 4 YOUR PHONE) #27

bro please tell me how to visible ads permanently.

(Aman Kumar) #28

Set Admob Banner to Visible from Component Property.

(4 YOU 4 YOUR PHONE) #29

bhai please explain kar sakata hai muje samaj nahi aa raha

(Subir) #30

Could you please show me in picture, how to permanently visible the banner from component ? I am very new in kodular design and block. Just start. And the same admob ads problem.


(Kanishka Chakraborty) #31

Dear Necromancer, let the thread die in peace.

If you’re just starting, do everyone a favor and don’t make AdMob your first priority.

(Subir) #32

Thank you for your advice. At least I could say, as a IT graduate, I know very well about internet world and programming. I was trying to do without coding. Because its easy. I have no wish to put anybody in trouble by doing wrong with google.

Thank you.

(kuldeept thakur) #33

all ads which are shown is kodular’s admob ads. i checked publisher id every time. i always found that the ads which i am getting is kodular"s admob ads with Kodulars account publisher id (ca-app-pub-9439286719204795&nx=168&ny=28&mb=1&nb=17). what is this can anyone explain ? why kodular’s ads are shown and why our ads not shown ? our admob accounts are also in good condition and our adsense account too because we also works on website with perfectly.

full prrofs are blow:-

(Philipp Lang) #34

usually a bit less 1/4 or so of your ads are from Kodular, not exactly but if you dont like it dont use admob. And between 10 and20 % of your rewards will go to kodular, but depemds on how much components you havein your app.

(Nathan) #35

Seriously can someone just close the ad topics? They’ve been answered on many.

(Kleyber Derick) #36

There is a topic created in other forum, talking about admob’s problem. It seems the problem is only with Indian users.


I edited my post some time ago. It seems the app to test was not available in India. :sunglasses:

(Philipp Lang) #38

Maybe google chechked now that 99% of earning apps are coming from india and now they want to shoot a bolt to that/them.

(BlAcK warrIOR {NAFIU}) #39

When I Test my app Ads Showing perfectly.But when I istalled the App On My device The ads are not showing

(Philipp Lang) #40

Did you look i the forum about you problem.?