Admob ads not showing!

(vhob ghure) #41

Same problem bro

(InfoAdApps) #42

i have the same problem, my ads no t show, but im not from india, but my ads make with other program, they show normally, the problem its only with kodular apps, can someoane really could fix it?

(David Ningthoujam) #44

Are you sure :sweat_smile:

(BallestaSoft) #45

Same problem. Admob not showing since December in new compilations apps.

(BallestaSoft) #46

Sigue sin funcionar admob. solo aparece en modo de pruebas.
he utilizado varios codigos de admob y no funcionan.
las aplicaciones compiladas con la version anterior de Kodular, si funcionan.
por ejemplo, probad esta del store:

si instalas la apk compilada antes, si funciona el banner, pero si lo compilas de nuevo, no se ve la publicidad.

Alguien a investigado el error?

admob still not working. It only appears in test mode.
Several work codes were used and do not work.
The applications compiled with the previous version of Kodular, if it works.
For example, try this from the store:

If you install the compiled apk before, if the banner works, but if we compile it again, you can not see the publicity.

Has someone investigated the error?
Thank you

(David Ningthoujam) #47

My apps starts showing ads after publishing on playstore. Have you waited 24 hours?

(News Extremes) #48

Hello Koders!
I have read the thread thoroughly but couldn’t solve my problem too. Sorry to bother you people but I’m newbie here. I want to share some snaps of my testing app. Please help me resolve the matter. As you can see my Screens and Blocks, my ads are not showing. If I am wrong please help me rectify it.


(anuragtekam0) #49

I think you must make them visible instead of enable

(News Extremes) #50

Thanks for reply…
I have set the property to “visible” instead of “enabled”. But still the ads are not showing. I am getting a bit disappointed now… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

(Philipp Lang) #51

make a app with a real usecase. Make a admob account, make a admob ad id, place the ad in your app. Upload the app in playstore adn wait 2 days or so. After a while your will see your ads in your app if your app have more as two users.
That should work normally.Google dont show ads on earning apps or apps with no useage.

(News Extremes) #52

Thanks for reply but I have to make an app for learning purpose not for earning. My app will show a series of articles. As far publishing my app to playstore is concerned, I don’t want to publish it to playstore until I am sure of getting my money back which I have to spend on making playstore account. If some other solution falls let me know please…


You start with two banners. Just put one banner, nothing else in your app. If your app is any good you should/could get your money back.

(News Extremes) #54

Thanks Peter…
I am going to give it a try…
By the way this was an experimental app I shared it here. My original app is different…
But thnx a lot

(BlAcK warrIOR {NAFIU}) #55

On kodular online testing app ads showing greatly
but when i installed the app in my mobile phone the ads are not showing.
its a update version of my app.old version of app which is already in playstore its showing add.but why new app is not showing ads?


Ask this Google and not us.
All admob components works perfect

(Abhijith) #57

Did you publish to Google Play Store and Installed or just exported and installed? If it’s from Playstore wait for 20 sec for a ad to load or else if it’s from just exporting make sure it’s not blacklisted. What is the app about?

(BlAcK warrIOR {NAFIU}) #58

problem sloved after publishing the app

(edugujarat) #59

Yes I have same problem , I used clock and without clock but not show ads.

Its not problem admob but bug in kodular

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #60

Do elaborate on what the “bug” is.

(edugujarat) #61

Admob ads code using other site and make apk so there work very fine but this code use in kodular not show ads(ads place is blanks).