Kodular Admob bugs fix?

Just want to check out, does 1.2.1-Chamaeleon version of Kodular fix the Admob not showing ads bugs? Or do I have to wait for the next update?

I’m new to Kodular but have been using Thunkable for more than 1 year. The admob blocks works fine on all my Thunkable apps but not sure on new apps made with Kodular.
Your response is appreciated. Thank you.

You have to wait for the next update what should come till end of the month.And you dont neec to lie , you are a Kodular user since october, and you should know that the next update will solve the issue with admob.

What kind of ad issues bro my ads are working smoothly

i have checked the interstitial ads by myself on my recent app which is available on playstore, and it seems to be working properly without any issue, but i am not sure about other ads type

Ads are not working on newly created apps.

no… not true… i created an app recently and it shows ads.

But how? I’m unable to show a single ads.

I’ve joined Kodular last october but that doesn’t mean I’m using Kodular ever since then. I only come to Kodular making apps recently. My first Kodular app just submitted to Google Play store on 28th Dec 2018, and my 2nd Kodular apps just uploaded on 9th Jan 2019. People ask question just to get answer and not to get scold or blame.

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you misunderstood i think but he only told you not scold or blame.
yes the words don’t express the feelings bro so just take it lightly

So, that means we have to update the newly created apps after the Kodular is updated by end of this month? Thanks.

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ads are working fine bro

Yeah. We may need to re-export

i think your app must be on play store to show ads… maybe

I have personally tried Makeroid, Thunkable and Appybuilder with Admob ads which was working fine in earlier versions but not showing up again in this particular version.

Thunkable and Appybuilder does not solve the problem like u mentioned your apps u created there with admob incorporation is working fine…

We should just hope the new release of Makeroid solves this problem.

The ads are working and are visible for another people (not for me) but my earnings are really bad - and mean reallyyy bad

I hope that it will be work better in the future

The question is why have makeroid kept quiet about it… at least they should let us know what we can do to resolve this or just inform us of any upcoming updates that will solve this issue. Otherwise whats the point…

Bro inbox me i have a solution

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So please share with us all the solution