Admob Ads Not Working

Yesterday Iam Uploaded My App In Play Store… Ads Are Not Showing. & Iam requested to admob panel ( kodular )… here also approved. still ads are not serving. please solve my issuse.

search in the community, you have to wait 48 hours.
Which error did you got. Is tat a earning app, if yes your app are blocked.
Maybe your adsense account is not proofed. Did you get them your adress and so on
Many thinks are possible. But you got a error code normal. Read that error and maybe it will tell you what is wrong.
But dont make a post about admob before you dont look in the forum.
Dont get crazy you dont loose 1000 s of Euro /U dollar or what else,
Than you can get crazy if you know you loose much much much money,
You loose in real nothimg for that half day.

We are already working to resolve your issue, please be patient

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sorry i didnt see the dialog on the bottom.

waiting @Diego brother

Dont Tag people in the forum here!!

Ok Brother