Admob ads problem after updating in Google Play Console

Hello i have a app called Diploma Help which is uploaded in Google playstore.
Today i have updated the app by adding admob ads. When i exported and checked ads where showing.
But after when i upload the app for update in Play console and downloaded from Playstore itself i am not able to see ads.
Is that common problem or any other method to sort this issue Or whether ads will display after sometime?
Please help me solve this problem :pray:

Hi there,
If the app is new, it could take some time to show ads in your app, as it seems that impressions are having a connection with the number of ad requests that your app is generating. So in brief, there should be more daily active devices in order to show the ads. In AdMob it will hold the ad impressions until it gets the minimum amount of daily ad requests. So, as your app is updated recently it will take some time to convert already installed devices to the new update, also for the new downloads. Wait for some time, also check your Admob (Gmail) account for any information from the AdMob team. Try. facebook ads (audience network) if admob is not working, with prior analysis of the CPM rates by FB ads for your targeted countries. This was an experience of me too, and I have converted my apps to FB ads as the CPM rates are much better than admob for my targeted countries. But it’s a subjective matter relative to each app.


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