Admob and Facebook ads are not showing

Today my app gone live on playstore but when I am using it both Facebook ads and admob ads are not showing in it.

Did i share this topic with you somewhere else? If not read this before asking any question.

Yes I have checked some topics but didn’t find helpful that’s why ask again

I need help if someone know solution please help me

First there is no any solution related to ads because it depends upon your app content , and on fb and admob if your app is newly launched in play store so generally it takes 1 week or longer to show ads .
Hope you got your answer

No it’s a update version and already app has 650+ active users

Did you check your impression and clicks on admob and fb ?

Ya I checked no request or impression generated

Hmm when you give ads update in playstore

Today’s my app update get published

Check using fail to load block Or fail to show block…
In admob

In app test all ads showing after publish not showing

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Use fail to laod & fail to show to get error message… As I previously said to you…

I already mentioned it

I used that blocks to show facebook ads

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Check the message you got from that…

Maybe it’s the problem of admob SDK because now Facebook ads showing

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Nope my app is working fine…
I don’t think so there is any issue from kodular Or admob…

Why you repeat all things i already said if you implement ads perfectly than it takes sometimes to show ads after update. And regular check your impression and pageviews.
There is no problems in sdk

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No I am not repeating I am just giving reply as you told I will wait

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