Admob App Approval not accept why

hi ı tested admob banner and ıts live working then Admob App Approval but not accept my test ads app ı thınk so problem is developer consent mode but ı dont know admob banner code diagram

and Admob App Approval system message this please admob banner code diagram

Sorry, but it seems like your app does not comply with Admob Content Guidelines!


The quality of the app will dictate if it is approved or not.

Apps released on PlayStore do not need approval. If you want to release outside of PlayStore you will need approval.

Approval Protects Everyone

The approval system ensures that the quality of Kodular apps is high enough to make sure that the best ads will be delivered. Low quality adds that consume CPI or CPM will not be tolerated by the advertiser. Kodular is a gateway to those issues.

Quality and Content

Have an app that serves a market and delivers functional value or relevant content. Building an app in a day, in the hopes to make a bit of cash is not what App building is about.

What is your App?

What does it do, what value does it add? Does it provide a train schedule? Does it help organize children’s videos? Is it a game that lets people take photos and manipulate them? Does it consolidate sport news? Those are example of apps that make money.

Thousands of users, Dozens of complainers

There are thousands of Kodular users. Yet only a few who do not want to build quality, research effectively, or want to understand the app economics are the complainers. Which one are you?

If your app was rejected it is probably because

  • It added no unique tangible value
  • It had no unique content
  • It was an “earning app”

okay thanks

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