Admob Approval System

Yeah, you can freely add them, and they will work!

The problem is now solved.
It was one of the major problem for developers.


¿cuanto tarda la aprobacion de la aplicacion para los anuncios de admob ?

Creo que no demora mucho, a mi al menos me demoró como mucho casi 1 dia

mi solicitud ya va para 2 dias y nada que me dan respuesta

It depends on what your app is related to
If the description message is very clear, and app content can be easily identified it will get approved very soon
Else, if we have to review the whole app manually by compiling it, and checking all possible results it will take a little bit more


ok gracias esperare

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mi aplicacion ya esta aprobada para ponerle anuncios
y cuando descargo el apk de la aplicacion y la instalo no
aparecen los anuncios,
los anuncios solo me sales cuando hago la prueba en vivo

Usa el bloque Ad Failed To Load para ver el mensaje de error

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I got approved my app for serving ads from modular team but ads still not showing. When I check ads in test mode they are working very well. But in final app ads not showing. Please any suggestions.


Use blocks when ad not loaded or failed to show ads.
You will find your answer.


I got this message. Thanks for your suggestions. But can you give me some tips for it.


it’s Kodular


The message says it all, if you still don’t understand then Google it



ya solucionaste el problema ?

There are two steps to the solution.

  1. Have more diverse content on your app to allow more inventory matching. Inventory is the number and type of ads they have for a use case. If your app is limited in the content, the number of ads are limited. They wont go showing the same ad over and over. Advertisers wont pay for that.

  2. Be patient. I have played games where you get points by watching videos, and sometimes it says, no video available. That is the exact same thing.

You can set up an error handler so that if the person wants points, but there is no ad, you tell them sorry no ads available. Give them a few points anyway.


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:auto correct

Thanks to all from the bottom of my :heartbeat:

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you solved the problem ?

who helps me solve the problem so that the ads are displayed ?