Admob Approval System

Kodular is growing day by day. Great to see! But the problem is, Admob Ads Approval System is getting slower gradually. :roll_eyes:

Kodular has Staffs, Prokoders, Beta Koders … What about having a few more App Reviewer? It can be helpful.

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What do you think about this?

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First off, we apologise for the delay in getting your projects approved for monetisation. This delay has been caused, in part, due to our weakened server architecture. We’re working on strengthening our servers, and as mentioned in another topic, we’ll have a release ready by this week or the next. This should reduce most delays our users currently have to wait through.

Regarding ProKoders and BetaKoders approving apps, we’d rather restrict project reviews to the staff because there are several factors which we consider before approving your app – factors which keep changing frequently. Also, it is wrong on our part to expect our Moderators, ProKoders, BetaKoders to give up their time to review projects.


if i get chance i’ll help in reviewing by taking serious care of all policies :slight_smile: but they restrict to staffs unfortunately


Me too! :wave:
And I’m sure there are many more out there…

Respected Moderators deserve a chance.


Yeah, for sure…


I’m also interested in it…

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Then none of us qualify :crazy_face::joy::sunglasses::wink::innocent::grin:


nonono you guys are qualified for sure

Moderators keep community clean and same applies for creator :innocent:


As I’ve said in my previous post, we feel it’s wrong to get our Community to review apps.
Moreover, a larger review team will widen bias in the review, and we might then have to introduce a system of secondary review where a member of staff will have to review your review. Obviously, this worsens things for us and we’d rather prefer a small team with a single layered review system over a large team with secondary and tertiary reviews.

While we do appreciate your willingness to help us review apps, we simply cannot, and for no shortcoming of your own, rely on you 24/7 to review apps.
You’re members of our Community, not our hired staff, meaning we will be wrong in holding you accountable for your reviews.

It’s mostly for these reasons that our policy on the size of the review team will not change, at least for the next few years.


It’s best to let the staff review apps.

Letting others review them increases the risk of earning apps and other poor quality apps getting through.

Last time my app was reviewed in 2 hrs and now it is taking more than 3 day​:sweat: when will it review

When it is done. Developers are busy with school, work and making sure Kodular keeps running. What is the problem with being patient. Google could also take up to a week to review an app and that is a commercial company. Kodular is run by volunteers. All those users that keep asking when their app will be reviewed won’t make things any faster maybe even the contrary. You are a regular visitor of the community so you should understand that.

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I am patient i just asked
That what is average time to review