Admob automatic consent message not showing up

My problem is, that i would like to see the kodular integrated consent message for EU users for admob. I see the message in the designer in the admob component. Default messages: Title : Data protection
message: Can we continue to use your data to tailor ads for you?

I undestand it in that way: When the Consent Development Mode is on, it always shoult be visible in .apk. But i never see it. I already tried it with a clock (wait to show the admob banner)/Procedure integration and some other combinations. The banner always works perfect, but i never see the consent message.
Logically i supposed it should always be visible when the app starts and when development mode is on, or not?

Do you have any tips? maybe it is a bug, or do i something wrong? Now i have tested my blocks with another phone, but it still dont work…hope you can help. Thanks

Androidversion: 7

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Many Thanks

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