Admob banner ad strange error?

whenever i try to add admob banner in my app this error is shown every time after every few seconds
When screen initialize call ad mob banner load and screenshots are also attached

Well I don’t think it’s related to Admob ads.
Use ‘Do It’ to find where the error is.

Are you using Dynamic component extension? If yes then check if you are trying to set any property of a component that is not yet created.

yes when i press on Doit it showed me error

On which block?

on admob ad load block…now what to do without removing ad

What about this?

yes i m using

Then check :point_down:

Thanks @TECH_SAVVY for marking my reply as solution. Would you like to mention where and what was the exact error?

basically i was dynamically doing this thing which was happening before loading an ad
when any ad load call any admob ad to get visible (get id using any component dynamic)

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