Admob Banner Ads are Only Test Ads

The Admob Banner Ads placed in the Application are shown as Test ads both in the Final Build and in the Companion Version. Many users are having thia issue including me. All the other types of ads are working.

Try placing a Banner Ad in the Application and see if it’s showing up. I recommend trying a newly created banner ad(yea i know i waited for about 4 days now still no signs of Ad also for my Friends who have published to Playstore also)

Show Ads Properly without any test ad.

Only showing a test Ad and original ad doesn’t seem to work.

Blocks used :
Loading the Ad after a procedure using the Load Ad Block

Android version :

And you have disabled test mode in the designer properties?

Yes. It’s disabled

i think your AdMob id is not Active. Admob ID Needs 24 Hours to Active or Show Ads

he wrote that he wait since 4 days and he dont see any ads.


Ohh sorry its my mistake