Admob Banner Ads Strange Behaviour

I have my app approved through Admob Approval system, and it is also on play store !

But the Admob Banner ads are not loading when the apk is publsihed to play store. It shows the lack of ad inventory error, but when i exported the same apk now the ads started loading fine.

I dont know what is happening here. Can somebody explain this ? Ads are not loaded on play store but apk shows them isnt it strange

edit - i have found this on google

Admob ads not shown on Play Store install. Works fine on external app install with apk

can someone help

The problem is, when we publish an app on Google Play, don’t think only Google Play is Reviewing your app thoroughly but Admob also reviewing it. And, when you publish your app without Google Play, there is probably no one to review your app. So, I don’t know what is your app all about, but I will suggest to make app more professional and full of content. Changing Package will lead you to the problem as you will not be able to update the old app anymore on Google Play.


Since I have no idea how it works with ads as I don’t use them

a question, do you fill in any information about your keystore somewhere?


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Don’t know how but the problem is solved automatically

It takes time to display ads after publishing the app on playstore

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