Admob Banner and Interstitial Ads are not Working

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I have added a Admob bannner and interstitial element and i have also put my own ad unit id. Screen sizing has been set to responsive and ads are set to visible and are enabled still ads are not showing in the app. I have included a Screenshot of the blocks.

disable test mode

keeping everything same ads are working in Appy builder and thunkable

Android version

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How should that work?
All you do is load the ads, but you dont call “Show”.

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i think your admob account is not activated. Admob Banner ads working fine for me.

Look at the picture from him, then you will see what’s wrong :smiley:

I know AdMob interstitial block is incorrect. but banner ads block is correct. then why not showing banner ads ?

show ads block compulsory for AdMob interstitial.

I’m never used show ads block for banner ads. always working fine.

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other patform AppyBuilder propraly work

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You forgot to add the “show insterstitial ad”

But like you mentioned before, the banner ads blocks are indeed correct. I’ve tried testing it myself and I believe there’s a bug with the admob banner as other platform like thunkable/appbuilder & etc works fine but not with kodular.

Let’s stick with professionalism and help others okay, that includes the developer too