Admob Banner and Interstitial Ads are not Working


(Karan Veer Singh) #1

I have added a Admob bannner and interstitial element and i have also put my own ad unit id. Screen sizing has been set to responsive and ads are set to visible and are enabled still ads are not showing in the app. I have included a Screenshot of the blocks.Capture

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(Arda Çebi) #2

Did you

  • disable test mode from the AdMob component properties?
  • apply all necessary modifications from the AdMob control panel such as interest settings?

(Karan Veer Singh) #3

Yes I disabled test mode
Not sure about interest settings… But keeping everything same ads are working in Appy builder and thunkable


Admob banner:
All I done was added the ads id in the designer screen.
Now I can click on the button and the ad is loading for me.

The component have no bug, maybe there is something wrong with your admob account or ad id.

Admob Intertstitial:
Click on the button and then it tries to load a ad.
After a add was loaded without problem, you can show it then.

Don't for get to add your "Ads Id" in the correct format. It should start with: ca-app-pub-
I have testet it as apk and it works as it should.

(Karan Veer Singh) #5

I found out why my ads were now working. It was because i had put my own Package name But when i left the Package name blank in the Screen1 properties the ads started working.

(Pranay Raj) #6

with package name i want to run add


Hello. I have set a custom package name.
Then I have done this:

I have test it as apk and it works how it should for me.

Make sure you use correct ads id. It must start with: ca-app-pub-

(Joy Banerjee) #9

lets say if i want to open add on button click and then open a screen - then i can we can use add code to new screen when its initialized. is this is the correct method ?