Admob banner and interstitial Ads not showing

banner ad works but interstitial doesn’t work

admob banner ad is already in the photo

Your banner ads is working fine now?

At my end, Everything is working fine
Banner ads :ballot_box_with_check:
Interstitial :ballot_box_with_check:
Reaarded video :ballot_box_with_check:

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Was it after adding set Banner ads visible to True?

İnterstitial ad never appeared

Every single one of my ads are showing

only interstitial doesn’t work.

Every single one of them is working on my end

dear sir which apps are eligiple for ads in kodular ads request sir

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What you wanna ask. Please clear

My app also not show single ad why i am wait from 7 days

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Is your app approved by the kodular or your app is in play store

Dear sir iam create earning app and scratch to win apps iam request to ad aprovel for kodular he is reject to its not suitable for advertising he shows the reject email to me pls help me sir

Earning apps are not allowed.So you will never get approval for such application…

How to loop the appearance of interstitial advertising so that it appears more than once in the application?

You can use a clock to repeat ads. But use it at your own risk. Because Google does not support using a clock component on ads.

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how to set up interstitial unity ads, please tell me

pls help me how to apply for monetization for my app but I see my projects its show already my app under review to show pls help me

but I am not applying for monetizing

pls anyone help me

how do I make an app so that the number of clicks is remembered even if I exit the app, and how do I make a click reset button?