Admob banner sometime not appears

(Hasan Albana) #1

sometime my admob banner keep showing error message “the ad request was succesfull, but no add ws returned due to lack of ad inventory”. anyone know how to avoid something like this happen?


You asked the same question on the AppyBuilder forum. Do you see the same thing in both builders?

(Hasan Albana) #3

i face the same problem on both builders, n i found something strange on both when i try to analyze the admob using tesst uinitid


Then the problem is propably not the builder but admob.


Google is your friend, use it. :wink:

(Hasan Albana) #6

if i was testing admob on nodejs using test unitid it keep show the test ads, but on builder(thunkable, makeroid, appybuilder) sometime show the test ads or sometime show normal ads even i’m using a test unitid

i was curious why, i try to make a simulator ads on builder app n try to snip the transaction between, to much valid request but poor respon

perhaps something wrong with the admob extension/components on the builder


See my answer above yours

(Hasan Albana) #8

i allready read the link about it yesterday


Ok. But the answer stays the same i guess. If both builders let you see the same thing then it happens on admobs side not on the builders side.

(Chulbuli Apps) #10

I have the same problem but my 1 app that i created 5 days ago is showing ads properly with same unit id but another is not working.