Admob bannner on loading page

can i put admob banner on loading dialogue like kodular has on compiling dialogue?? would it be legal for admob as well?

Ask admob.

i read the privacy policy but i cound not get the answer. I thought here in Kodular we are family so i could get help from here but it’s fine. I’ll find out something. and one more thing If someone needs help in ads issue it doesn’t mean they are making app only for earning. I know you didn’t said so but i wanted to say this to you guys.

Sorry that is say this now but to come with the quote: I think we are a familiy here in Kodular…, sounds like, that you want to make people a bad conscience. I think to say we are a familiy, can you do , if you are min. a few weeks here and have maybe the pro koder status. Because in a familiy each member have to do his part. If i looking on your profile, you ask only about ads and about your black screen. You didnt give other posts a LIKE, you didnt help other people in anyway. So pls dont come with that , i thought we are a familiy here. You take help but you dont give some help back. I think you wrote admob at the weekend, wait from this day on 48 hours and normally you will get an answer. So pls wait or you write another email, becausse today is a working
day and you can be safe with that ,that they have get it and had not be thrown into the spam folder. have a nice day

great speech @plang58 . I didn’t know that if a person who don’t know much about coding or not able to help people is not accepted by you guys. If you’re looking at my profile thn you must have seen that I’m trying so hard to learn. I’m a student and it allows me very less time to be spent here. Not a single $ has been earned by me from ads but it doesn’t mean that i can’t ask about them. I don’t comment on topics because I think there’re many more learned people there who can do it much better than me. I’m sorry if i said something wrong. Also @plang58 looking to your replies on other posts i don’t want to make this conversation longer. sorry @Peter for bad language. I didn’t mean anything wrong.