Admob component - Ads mediation - any other ad network

Does the Admob components of kodular support Admob Mediation?
In this screenshot, kodular staff saying yes but other posts says no.

Also, I have admob ad limit on my account. I want some alternative of Admob.
Required feature - there should be an option to cap frequency just like admob.

In last 28 days, I got 238k ads request, but revenue is very low.

Please suggest something to solve this Issue.
Any admob Mediation extension?
I know but that is my last option.

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admob is worst in my opinion. if you got an ad limit then there is very low chance that it will remove from your account. i suggest you to use in-app billing in your app if you want to earn good otherwise i don’t think there is any solution as no alternative of admob is best