Admob expert need to help

ERROR : ad request was sucessful but no ads was returned due to lack of ad inentory

Try using Mediation. Also read this blog by Google:

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please read error message and give correct solution

That’s the verified solution in the community. You can check it yourself. :+1:t2:

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please icant understand what to do

I am 90% sure that you will understand what to do after watching this video. Also, read this:

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Try creating new ad code

there are many option to get maximum ads impressions.

you just need to place your ad on most visible places (away from navigation).
and do not set mediation. delete all the mediations and off all the eCPM rate in every ad units.

Now, go in ad blocking section and enable all the ads

(including gambling ads).

Now, you are done wait for 4-5 hours. And see your results.

Note : Show Interstitial ads after 30 - 45 seconds.

Addy i had also used 2 accounts before in that app that works but this one not working