Admob Help (Wriiten in Hindi / Urdu)

Bro I need Your Help… Please
mai ny aik order lia tha app ka app banali bad mai kodular approve system ny app ko disapprove kardia mai apply karny sy pehly aia bana k rakh lia tha mai ny us aia ko dobara upload karky admob ki jagga startapp ads laga diye… aur admob k ads remove kar diye hain lakin abi bhi wo msg a raha hai “Your App is not Approved to serve ads” .
Bro Please Tell me Ye msg kis tarha jaye gaaa…
mera client muj par bohat naraz hai us ny payment bhi kar di thi…

Hi @aliaraza9696 welcome to Kodular Community
First write posts in English.

Your app needs approval if you want to install it from apk.

But I have Removed my admob ads from my application completely, But I I am reciveing this warning “Your App is not Approved to serve ads”…
As I donot use admob ads so why this warning msg is showing me.

I think you have not read this:

It does not matters whether you are using admob or other you need approval for using any ad network.

To Kodular

That is why I suggested to change name of this system. It should be ’ ads approval system’ instead of ’ admob approval system ’

Is there any way to approve “reject forever” status App,

You have to write a clear and correct description in order to increase chances of getting approved.

can you give me some example…

You should upload app in google play console then ads automatically come in your app without any approval

But Bro Google is not approving kodular apps, my two apps was rejected within one week.

that’s why this is the problem

can you give me some example…

You should show us a screenshot.

@vknow360 Bro I think App bundle error.

But i can see a lot of kodular made apps on play store.


I can help you in this matter…

It would be great if you help him publicly!

Ya ok i m doing tht publicly

But now not approving…

@Alapjeet Please help me

I published an app on this July. Ads showing perfectly.

@Alapjeet Bro I have used this extension for Intersticial ads and video ads, and for Banner Ads of startapp ads I use component from monetization section of kodular.