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Hello, does anyone know if an html link is put in the app, is there any restriction to put admob ads?

Want to load html using web viewer?

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yes, i want to load an html window in the web viewer and put an interstitial ad admob is there any restriction or prohibition?

Actually users are free to use Ads even with a web viewer (While there is no ad on website)! The only restriction is that you MUST NOT monetize other’s work at all.

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If under the web viewer there is no ad but in the rest of the application, if there is, could it be a reason for sanction by google?

Admob never says that they does not support an app with web viewer. You’re free to show ads on your app with a web viewer while:

  1. The HTML/URL you want to load is not having any ad (Ads for Website)
  2. Content on that web viewer is yours.
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No problem, you can use it. :ok_hand:

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OK thank you very much

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