Admob interstitial

how I monetize my app? using AdMob rew. video ads and can you tell me how I digine my ads blocks.

Could you try to explain a little bit more? :sweat:

never mind man ! he is an indian with some trouble in english :smiley:

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Hello, Friends, My problem is that in the application I am creating, I would like to add some Google Admob interstitial ads and rewired video ads but it is easy to put it in Thunkable, but it is hard to do in Makaroid. When I was blocking the blocks, I thought ads would work but ADS did not work.

Where do you get into trouble while adding the ads?

Can anyone please tell me the difference between admob_interistitial.loadAd and admob_interistitial.Show Interistitial Ad ??

Do we have to use both of these blocks at the same time or how to use them ?

First load the ad.
When load was succesful, then show the ad.

oh ok. sir better make it like Thunkable with just single block . it would be easy and helpful

It is not about to make it easy but the ads should loaded before showing them, else the ads will take time to display when you do it all together. Also there can be times when there is no ads available due to many conditions.


thanks for the info

How do I know if the user has clicked on the ad / installed the ad application?