Admob invalid traffic issue

Hey Asim,
Hope you are doing fine.
I am Ganesh. I came across your profile and you seem to be quite helpful. I need your help urgently. I own an Android app and use Admb in it. I launched the movie quiz app on December last year and already I have received two temporary ad limits notices from Admb. Kindly help me solve this issue. My Twitter handle and gmail id are the same as the username here. I have placed reward video ads in each of the 7000+ quiz questions screen. I have capped the frequency of showing ads to 2 per minute. I have followed all the policies to the T. Still this invalid traffic issue has surfaced again. Please advice.

are you only looking for help from @asimjib93 ? why not asking everyone for help?

what about adding a copy of that notice here?

and how long is a video to watch?
it looks like most of the time the user has to watch ads videos rather than answering the quiz questions? what about providing only 1 video ad every 5 minutes?

PS: I moved your question now into its own thread…

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Hi Ganesh, I have replied to the mail you sent. Therefore, I am not putting the same suggestions here again. Follow the mail & hopefully you will get rid of these issues.

If you run into any other issues, feel free contact.

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however these suggestions also might help others, who get the same problem in future…
so let me recommend to provide the answers here in the community rather than sending personal messages…


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Hey Taifun,

Thank you for the thoughtful advice and moving my question to create a thread. I didn’t know I was allowed to ask everyone for help since I am new to this community.

I believe the notice happened because of the changes I have made it to the ad frequency capping (it’s 1 impression per min now, as per their best practice) and the platform is checking my traffic after the changes. The show rate is less than 3% now. I am hoping once the limit is removed, it will be better.

Also, I am now in the process of removing the existing ad placements and creating a new placement for rewarded video ads, as agreed by Asim too. I am not thinking of adding any other ad units like banners, interstitial etc. Only rewarded video ads. Do you use rewarded video ads in your apps? If yes, what’s the show rate? In this link one of the users (Supermac) mentions the following:
“Don’t download/request ads until you need them”.
Could you please let me know where and how to do this in Admob settings?

How to check how long is a video ad to watch? I use rewarded Video ads only.
Only when users are not able to answer the questions, they would have to watch the video ads.


Hi Asim,

Thank you for confirming to remove the existing ad placements and your offer to help in the future. Much appreciated!