Admob Issue with App - Valuable Inventory:Framed Sites

I have made webview app. Yesterday i got below mentioned error from google. what to do?

Valuable Inventory: Framed Sites


This is a policy violation. You must fix this issue.

As stated in our Program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages or apps with little or no value and/or excessive advertising to the user. This includes pages or apps that are mirroring or framing content from other sources without adding value. Please review Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines for more information.

The notice is self-explanatory. You can’t place ads next to WebViewers

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But there are so many apps in playstore which are webview

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So ask Google about it.
You can’t place ads on other content.

what if i own website?

Then use adsense to monitize the website instead of using admob in app.

It is not like that admob doesnt allow webview. Webviews are allowed but only if you own website. So, i was replying to vishwas by saying so.

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