Admob match rate became low

I transferred apps to new developer console. Integrated new admob to match rate is low as compared to old admob.daily earnings reduced to less than can I achieve like past values.

Is it allowed by Google??[quote=“renun4291, post:1, topic:30825”]
new admob

So you want that admob give you high fill rate while you have a new account as you have transferred.
No this is not going to be happen just after adding apps.It takes some time.

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It takes some time

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By the way I was having the problem with the fill rate witch has gone to 0.12 and some tme 0.34 I’m getting the request every day 2k daily but not getting impression witch means ads are not show for some reason and yeah it is a new account but still it’s been 2 weeks if anyone knows any salutation the please tell me that will be appreciated thank you.

For more information I can provide you my app to .

Ok thanks. Why this happen, why admob not gives good fill rates at starts