Admob question about consent for EU and non-EU citizens

If you have Admob in your app then a consent message pops up for people in the EU. This is fine.

However, the docs state the app should have a Revoke Consent button so EU citizens can choose non-personalised ads if they want. Again this is fine.

I have developed an app and got the test ads working. It also shows the consent message because I am within EU.

I have developed a button to revoke consent and this works too.

The problem I have is for non-EU citizens. I don’t want the revoke consent button to show for people who are outside the EU.

How can I detect where people are based so that if they are inside the EU I can show a button for them to change their consent but if they are outside the EU it should be invisible?

The only thing I can think of is finding out longitude and latitude coordinates for the EU’s corners and if the users are within it to show to the Revoke Consent button and if they are outside to make it invisible. But this is a lot of hassle especially when my app is a game that doesn’t need GPS. I don’t want unnecessary permissions or have people think I’m tracking them.


Does the Revoke Consent block work only for EU citizens or also for Non-EU citizens?

Because if revoke consent only works for EU citizens what I could do is have a button that says “EU Ads Policy” so that when an EU citizen presses it then the consent dialog pops up. But if a non-EU citizen presses it then nothing happens and I can write in my app description and tutorial that it only works for EU citizens.

I last posted 4 days ago and not received a response so I hope this post is not classed as spam. If it is please let me know. Anyway:

I will rephrase my original question.

It is a requirement to ask EU citizens for their consent to show personalised ads. The very first time an EU citizen uses the app a consent dialog pops up. They can then select their preference of personalised or non-personalised ads.

However, Kodular docs state it is a good idea to have a Revoke Consent button in the app so EU users can change their preference at any time. To comply with this I have created a Revoke Consent Button.

Now if an EU user presses this Button it will activate the revoke consent block and then reload an ad. A consent dialog will pop up just like the first ever time they used the app and they can change their preference.

The problem I have is that I do not want non-EU citizens to be able to use the Revoke Consent Button as it’s not relevant for them. My first question is:

  1. If a non-EU citizen presses the Revoke Consent Button will the dialog pop up for them once a new ad is loaded? Or is there something in the source code that somehow checks to see where the user is from and only allows the revoke consent block to work for EU citizens?

If the revoke consent block only works for EU citizens and has no effect for non-EU citizens then I can explain in my app description that the Revoke Consent Button will only work for EU citizens. This would be the best solution.

If, however, the revoke consent block works for all people anywhere in the world then:

  1. How can I check to see where people are located so that I can program my app in such a way that only EU citizens are able to use the Revoke Consent Button?

I suppose I can use GPS to track users but I would need their permission, and I don’t want to track anyone anyway.

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I sincerely apologise for spamming so much but I need an answer because it will affect how I proceed.

@Diego @Mika

Can you please tell me the answer to my above post?

It is really over the top to tag Kodular. don’t do that.


I was told by a mod to continue asking for help here.

So I’m asking for help. I won’t tag anyone this time but can someone from Kodular staff or anyone else who knows the answer please respond?

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I don’t use ads so I can’t answer your main questions however for:

There’s no need for GPS:

You could try this block:

From @Red_Panda’s localization extension:

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I’ll give that a shot and if it’s too hard I’ll give up.

I just wish the Kodular staff had answered my original question. I can’t understand why they didn’t.

If Revoke Consent block does not work for non-EU citizens then all I need to do is write in my app description and tutorial that non-EU citizens don’t need to bother with it.

However, that’s life. If Kodular staff aren’t interested then I can’t help it or force them.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t think that’s going to go over well.
I’m not in EU, if I read that I can’t turn off targeted ads and someone in EU can I’d want that ability too.

I think your best option would be to hide the button for none EU users if the Revoke doesn’t work.


So let me get this straight.

At the moment if I revoke consent and load an ad it shows the consent dialog.

However, if someone outside of the EU presses the Consent Button then absolutely nothing will happen and therefore the dialog will not pop up for them?

If this is the case I can write in my app description that the Revoke Consent button only works for EU citizens. The button text is “EU Ads Policy” so hopefully non-EU citizens won’t mind.

Also, out of curiosity what does this block show for non-EU users?

And lastly, what kind of ads are shown for non-EU users - are they always personalised?

This is my understanding

So all I need then is a way to know where the user is located and then I can hide the Revoke Consent button.

I’ll try the link you gave above but there should really be a much easier way to track it. GDPR is so important you’d think Kodular would make it as easy as possible for people to comply.

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Hello @deanart2012

Apologies about the late response. It seems like we glossed over this topic.

Coming to your query, there is currently no way to determine if a user is in the EU. We will, however, add a block to determine the same in a future update :smile:



Thanks for the reply.

It would be great to have this kind of block:

That way we can determine whether to allow users to be able to revoke consent or not.

I got this block from another builder and have been considering using that. I’d prefer to use Kodular so hopefully you’ll have this kind of block soon.

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Sorry, I forgot. There was one more question.

When a user starts the app for the very first time ever after installing it, if they are in the EU, a dialog box will pop up asking for their consent to show personalised ads.

As you can see from my above blocks if an EU citizen presses the Revoke Consent button it calls the revoke consent block then loads another ad. Before this ad is displayed a dialog box pops up asking for consent to show personalised ads.

However, can you 100% confirm that this will only pop up for EU citizens (ie after they press the Revoke Comsemt button) or will it pop up for everyone no matter where they are in the world?

The dialog is only shown for people which are in europe.
I wrote the consent code for our components.

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As you can see from my screenshot above I have a Revoke Consent button.

Based on what you have just said can I tell my app users that pressing the button will show a pop up dialog box only for EU citizens and if anyone from anywhere else presses it then it will not show any dialog box?

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